Focus Area Working Groups

In collaboration with our leadership teams, the Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) has conceptualized the Medical Affairs function in 12 general focus areas, leading to the creation of the following 12 Focus Area Working Groups (FAWGs). Each FAWG is a committee of MAPS members with area expertise who collaborate to produce content and training resources, and provide guidance and guidelines to steer the future direction of their specialty within Medical Affairs. Meet our FAWG members and see FAWG activities below.


Latest FAWG Updates

non registrational evidence medical affairs
This paper discusses the sources and uses of non-registrational evidence and describes why Medical Affairs is positioned to lead and own the nRE Strategic Plan.
Moving Beyond Ad Boards: Asynchronous HCP Engagement Strategies
This podcast, sponsored by Impetus Digital, explores the opportunities and benefits of platforms that deliver asynchronous engagement, noting dramatic increases in HCP/KOL participation and cost-per-word.
Beyond Content: HCP Communication Preferences in the Virtual Era
During this webinar, a panel of three thought leaders in Medical Communications and Content Strategy will discuss how insights into HCP communication preferences can support the development of your digital engagement strategy and tactics.
Bridging the Gap between Art and Science: Best Practices for Creative Collaboration
This webinar explores how Medical Affairs teams can convey scientific topics visually in a way that maintains credibility and scientific rigor.
Acropolis Medical Affairs Lessons
Near the end of Jill Donahue's family trip to Greece, an unlicensed tour guide, Charis, showed what communication mastery looks like.
Field Medical External Stakeholders: Partnering for Today and Tomorrow. Episode 1 - Medical Communication Agencies
This MAPS podcast details potential areas for compliant collaboration by MSLs with key external partners.
MyHealthTeams Eric Peacock
MAPS speaks with MyHealthTeams Cofounder and CEO, Eric Peacock, about how health communities can help the biopharmaceutical industry develop new products that truly make a difference in patients’ lives.
How to Tell the Difference Between Insights and Observations in Medical Affairs
In this podcast sponsored by LARVOL, MAPS speaks with Medical Affairs experts on how to help actionable insights float to the top of the ocean of insights data.
This paper addresses the complexities of prioritizing contemporary journal offerings to accomplish article objectives and overall publication planning goals.

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