Focus Area Working Groups

In collaboration with our leadership teams, the Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) has conceptualized the Medical Affairs function in 12 general focus areas, leading to the creation of the following 12 Focus Area Working Groups (FAWGs). Each FAWG is a committee of about 10 members with area expertise collaborating to produce content and training resources, and to provide guidance and guidelines to steer the future direction of their specialty within Medical Affairs. Meet our FAWG members and see FAWG activities below.


Latest FAWG Updates

Value of Medical Information Featured
MedInfo Teams contribute to the business with clinical expertise, extensive knowledge of the company products and medical literature, insights of customer needs, and a strong understanding of the business.
Support Function to Strategic Pillar Webinar
In this dynamic and conversational webinar, we will review how adaptive connected technology and processes support our mandate to deliver integrated evidence that articulates clear clinical and economic value to improve patient experience and outcomes.
Social Insights Featured
This MAPS podcast introduces listeners to social listening to gather insights and discusses implementation, value and technologies.
USNHC Medical Affairs Webinar
This session describes the National Health Council​ and opportunities for Medical Affairs professionals to get involved.
Field Medical Podcast Corporate
This MAPS podcast identifies potential areas for compliant collaboration by medical science liaisons with key internal Medical Affairs partners
pharmasepctra medical affairs webinar
This webinar reviews the rationale for SoSV as a performance metric in MA, how it is implemented in practice, and examine how it can be used strategically to measure, prioritize and achieve success.
MAPS Field Medical White Paper
This report shares the key insights from a MAPS special session on Field Medical engagement and provides further context from Medical Affairs colleagues who have first-hand knowledge of the ever-changing Field Medical role.
Evidence Generation Medical Affairs Podcast 3
The objective of this podcast is to discuss how the 21st Century Cures Act has led to new initiatives at FDA involving Real World Evidence.
Cybersecurity Risks MedTEch
Connectivity and digitization of medical device technologies can improve device functionality and benefit. However, the connection of medical devices to networks or the internet exposes them to increased cyber threats.

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