Focus Area Working Groups

In collaboration with our leadership teams, the Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) has conceptualized the Medical Affairs function in 12 general focus areas, leading to the creation of the following 12 Focus Area Working Groups (FAWGs). Each FAWG is a committee of MAPS members with area expertise who collaborate to produce content and training resources, and provide guidance and guidelines to steer the future direction of their specialty within Medical Affairs. Meet our FAWG members and see FAWG activities below.


Latest FAWG Updates

Field Medical Stakeholders Marketing Development
This MAPS podcast details strategic opportunities of compliant collaborations between Field Medical and Marketing Development.
scientific communications platforms
In this MAPS podcast sponsored by IQVIA, we speak with John Eichert, Director of the Thought Leaders Center of Excellence at IQVIA about scientific communications platforms and the combination of peer survey techniques with machine learning to identify key opinion leaders.
Practical Approaches to External Education Impact Measurements
This MAPS webinar details strategies Medical Affairs professionals in External Education can use to assess HCP learning.
Field Medical Stakeholders Marketing
This MAPS podcast details strategic opportunities of compliant collaborations between Field Medical and Marketing.
Medical science liaison best practices
This position paper is intended outline the roles and responsibilities expected of an MSL and provide clarity on the juxtaposition of MSLs and Sales representatives (SRs) when it comes to scientific exchange versus promotional messaging.
IQVIA podcast natural language processing
MAPS speaks with Hywel Evans Director of the IQVIA Natural Language Processing Insights Hub about NLP to generate medical insights.
This session will provide an overview of the foundation of Medical Information, Enhancement Opportunities for Medical Information, and Medical Information Value to the Organization.
publications discoverability SEO
This MAPS webinar details how search engine optimization (SEO) can help to ensure HCPs and other stakeholders find your publications.
altmetric white paper
Download this Altmetric white paper to learn how to measure the value of Medical Affairs publications beyond counting citations.

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