Focus Area Working Groups

In collaboration with our leadership teams, the Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) has conceptualized the Medical Affairs function in 12 general focus areas, leading to the creation of the following 12 Focus Area Working Groups (FAWGs). Each FAWG is a committee of MAPS members with area expertise who collaborate to produce content and training resources, and provide guidance and guidelines to steer the future direction of their specialty within Medical Affairs. Meet our FAWG members and see FAWG activities below.


Latest FAWG Updates

External Education Needs Assessment
Survey benchmarks External Education trends and needs to inform structure, capabilities, strengths and gaps that can be leveraged for planning in your organization.
Last month, Medical Affairs and clinical experts from six organizations came together to help make clinical trials more accessible to and better understood by people facing vitiligo. You can do this in your therapeutic area.
Introduction Medical Affairs Course
After completing this module, you will be better able to: Articulate the roles Medical Affairs plays in the healthcare industry Gain an understanding for the common functions and key skills in Medical Affairs Describe the Foundational Pillars of Medical Affairs and their purpose
Putting the Patient Perspective into Company-Sponsored Medical Publications
In this webinar, experts discuss the value of, and how to utilize, patient perspectives in company-sponsored medical publications.
MAPS Insights Focus Area Working Group (FAWG) members define some of the terms associated with the collection and use of insights as a way to start standardizing the lexicon of the function.
MAPS speaks with Medical Strategy FAWG co-leads Becky Harmon and Simon Kyaga about the emerging strategic opportunities for Medical Affairs.
Understanding Medical Multichannel Engagement
This webinar explains the difference between multichannel and omnichannel engagement and shows how to implement both to meet the needs of diverse audiences of external stakeholders.
What is Cybersecurity And Its Importance For Medical Device Manufacturers
This MAPS podcast details what medical device cybersecurity is and why you should care.
Medical Affairs & Social Media 2.0: The Evolving Model of HCP Engagement
In this webinar, a panel of social media and medical communications experts discuss the evolving trends and models for pharma and biotech medical communications.

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