Medical Affairs Professional Society

MAPS is the premier non-profit global Medical Affairs organization FOR Medical Affairs professionals BY Medical Affairs professionals across all different levels of experience/specialty. Together with over 12,000 Medical Affairs members from 280+ companies globally, MAPS is transforming the Medical Affairs profession to increase its value to patients, HCPs, industry and society.

The Mission of Medical Affairs

Medical Affairs will be a strategic leader at the center of clinical development and commercialization efforts, addressing unmet patient, payer, policymaker, and provider needs that advance clinical practice and improve patient outcomes.

“Medical Affairs: The Roles, Value & Practice of Medical Affairs in the Biopharmaceutical and Medical Technology Industries” (Taylor & Francis, 2024)

The MAPS Medical Affairs textbook is a primer for aspiring and early-career Medical Affairs professionals as well as a broad overview of the profession to power a cross-functional Medical Affairs career. This unique resource provides first-of-its kind guidance and baseline competencies from over 80 Medical Affairs leaders, representing the first unified, global understanding of the Medical Affairs profession.


  • Defines the purpose and value of Medical Affairs and provides clear career paths for scientific experts seeking their place within the pharmaceutical and MedTech industries.
  • Provides guidance and baseline competencies for roles within Medical Affairs including Medical Communications, Evidence Generation, Field Medical, Compliance, and many others.
  • Specifies the “true north” of the Medical Affairs profession as ensuring patients receive maximum benefit from industry innovations including drugs, diagnostics and devices.
  • Presents the purpose and specific roles of Medical Affairs roles across organization types including biotechs, small/medium/large pharma and device/diagnostic companies, taking into account adjustments in the practice of Medical Affairs to meet the needs of developing fields such as rare disease and gene therapy.

MAPS is proud to connect our industry members with Medical Affairs solutions via our Partner Circle Program. Search the Partner Circle Directory for ideas to support your team, department and organization.


Industry Partners include leading biopharma and MedTech companies who provide fundamental support for MAPS’ mission. Team members of IPP companies receive MAPS membership and access to MAPS training and educational materials.

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MasterClass brings expert small-group training in topics including Launch Excellence, External Education, Medical Communications and Field Medical to cities in the U.S. and globally, or onsite to large and small companies across industry.

Featured Resources

Through our lens into real-world issues that affect equitable use of industry innovations, Medical Affairs can drive the transformation of industry from a drug-centric perspective to a patient-centric perspective. This article discusses a few of these opportunities.
Omnichannel communication is the strategy of integrating various communication channels, both digital and non-digital, and joining multiple communication touchpoints to provide a seamless, personalized experience, and unified identity across all channels, devices, and touchpoints: the customer (namely HCPs and patients), rather than the product, is at the center.
Health literacy is experiencing new challenges, and Medical Affairs is uniquely positioned to lead and partner with others in this space to ensure coordination, credibility and impact.

Resources by Medical Affairs Function

MAPS resources and events are powered by more than 200 volunteers on 13 Focus Area Working Groups (FAWGs). Access MAPS articles, white papers, standards & guidance, eLearning courses, webinars, podcasts and more for the following Medical Affairs functions.

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