MAPS Leadership & Volunteer Awards

Nomination for the 2024 MAPS Leadership and Volunteer Awards are now open.

Who has inspired you? Who has influenced your career? Who has stepped up and created ways for you to learn and grow as a professional? This is your opportunity to recognize colleagues from around the globe who have made a difference to you and the Medical Affairs industry.   

Awards are given by MAPS to recognize and appreciate our members and their contributions to the MAPS organization and the MA industry. Our success as an industry is contingent on our members knowledge sharing and leadership in both biopharmaceuticals and device industry, demonstrating thought leadership, and increasing the value medical affairs globally to patients, healthcare professionals and society.   


Early Professionals Award: 

Recognizes a member or members early in their MA Career that have demonstrated high potential for continued success in leadership roles and exhibit a strong passion for and commitment to the mission of MAPS

Volunteer of the Year: 

Recognizes a member or members for their contribution to MAPS made as a volunteer over the past year .


  • Impact on MAPS organization  
  • Based on activity within the calendar year (2023)  
  • Recognized by peers related to their MAPS contributions. 
  • innovative and inclusive approach when volunteering  
  • Acts as a formal or informal leader of volunteer activities  
  • Motivates others to volunteer. 
  • Impact of contribution(s) on a regional and/or global level 


  • Volunteer must be a current member in good standing. 
  • Minimum of 1 year as an active volunteer on one or more of the following: a committee, working group, SIG, FAWG, Chapter, speaker, or content contributor. 

Partner Circle Members of the Year:  

Recognizes a company partner for their contribution and support to MAPS over the past year. 


  • Role in MAPS initiatives  
  • FAWG participation  
  • Active participation in MAPS events 


  • Companies must have a minimum of 2 years of active membership at any Partner Circle Member Level  
  • Provide supporting documentation of the company’s contributions to MAPS. 
  • Have at least one representative in an active volunteer role at the time of their submission, throughout the submission selection process and during the award presentation 



To nominate someone for an award, please complete the online nomination form below in its entirety and provide any supporting materials no later thanJune 1, 2024. One online form is required for each award nomination. Nominations will not be considered for an award other than the one specified.

NOTE: Persons nominated and approved for a MAPS Leadership Award must be members of MAPS in good standing.  


All nominations submitted before the deadline are reviewed by the Awards Committee. Nominations that meet all qualifications will be considered for an award. Those selected are presented to the Board of Directors for final approval

All winners will receive recognition at the AMERICAS and EMEA annual meetings, chapter meetings, and featured on MAPS website, social media channels, and member newsletters.

Award winners will be notified in June.


Please contact MAPS Director, Membership and Global Engagement, Jason Acord and he will be happy to assist you.  

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