The strategic mission and objectives of the Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) Insights Focus Area Working Group are to create a community that advances our role as fully integrated strategic business partners to promote the growth of Medical Affairs Professionals within the MA insights sector worldwide; to develop our Insights FAWG community within MAPS to become the premier global destination of choice for Insights MA Professionals; and to catalyze our individual personal leadership development and professional career advancement.


We will organize insights workshops for MAPS meetings in the North America, APAC (Asia Pacific – China/Japan), and EMEA (Europe, Middle-East, Asia) regions. We develop original content for webinars, podcasts, eLearning courses and white papers. In addition, the working group will periodically contribute cogent and timely content on the insights sector for the MAPS publication, Elevate magazine. Most importantly, we will provide a supportive resource for all insights Medical Affairs Professionals. 

Strategic Objectives

Develop value-based insights framework for Medical Affairs:

  • Highlight how Insights-related activities add value to the overall MA activities
  • Highlight interconnectedness of all insights-related activities across organization
  • Provide guidance on foundational requirements for insights activities in MA  

2 Create awareness around insights-related activities in MA:

  • Establish continuity in insights-related activities during the MAPS meetings, and between the meeting
  • Develop supporting materials to communicate the impact and value of insights-related activities  to internal stakeholders 

3 Develop  Subject Matter Experts  for insights function within Medical Affairs (MA):

  • Ensure continuous education on insights  at the MAPS level  and encourage participation of MAPS members
  • Develop understanding and initiate implementation of appropriate metrics and analytics ​for MA generated insights  

4 Monitor development in the  technology area focusing on insights collection, metrics and analytics​: Proactively follow up developments in the digital area (eg, solution providers as well as technologies that enable virtual communications, processing of information, genuine AI to assimilate)  and inform MAPS membership on new developments

5 Monitor developments pertinent to insights activities post COVID 19: Identify and share with MAPS membership new trends in insights activities that have emerged during the COVID 19 pandemic




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