The strategic mission and objectives of the Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) Medical Operations Focus Area Working Group are to:

  • Build a community that evolves our role as strategic partners

    • Further develop the skills and competencies of Medical Operations Professionals
    • Standardize and Simplify the role of innovation within Medical Operations
  • Act as strategic connectors of the Medical Affairs ecosystem by strengthening both internal and external collaborations

    • Enhance cross-functional relationships within Medical Affairs and across the company​
    • Develop an approach for successful operational integration within an alliance​
    • Create infrastructure and support compliant and effective scientific exchange​
  • Drive change management to ensure sustainable solutions

    • Creation of Medical Excellence Standards and Guidance document to enable sustainable change including:​
      • Stakeholder mapping and management​
      • Change management resources  ​
      • KPIs or meaningful metrics




The Discoverability Dilemma: Navigating the Maze of Digital Content in Healthcare

The MAPS Puerto Rico Roundtable hosted by Real Chemistry in March 2024 discussed the integration of digital platforms, AI, and personalized content to enhance engagement with healthcare providers (HCPs). The panel emphasized the shift towards real-time, tailored information delivery and the importance of leveraging insights from both traditional and digital sources to support effective engagement strategies while ensuring compliance.
Why NOW is the Time to Measure Medical Impact

Why NOW is the Time to Measure Medical Impact

In this podcast, we explore now that we appreciate the need to demonstrate impact and technologies exist that allow us to measure impact...what's holding us back?
How Do Publications Find Their Audience?

How Do Publications Find Their Audience?

This webinar explores how we can ensure best practices in journal selection and publication performance.
MAPS Medical Affairs Textbook Featured

BOOK RELEASE: MAPS Medical Affairs Textbook

MEDICAL AFFAIRS: The Roles, Value and Practice of Medical Affairs in the Biopharmaceutical and Medical Technology Industries (Taylor & Francis, 2024)
Insights S and G featured

Medical Insights Standards and Guidance

This Standard and Guidance identifies best practices and recommends guidelines for an effective insights management process.
Identifying and Quantifying Unmet Medical Needs: Expert Perspective on Enabling Field Medical with Data

Identifying and Quantifying Unmet Medical Needs: Expert Perspective on Enabling Field Medical with Data

This podcast reviews new ways of identifying and quantifying opportunities for field medical impact with disease-state analytics.