Pharmaspectra leverages the world’s largest scientific data lake to deliver the most accurate KOL identifications, profiling and measurement of Medical affairs impact through Share of Scientific Voice™. Over the last 18 years Pharmaspectra has partnered with the Medical Affairs, R&D and Commercial teams across 18 of the top 25 pharma companies to improve their strategic planning, decision-making and impact. In August 2022, Pharmaspectra became a part of IQVIA, a leading global provider of information, innovative technology solutions and contract research services, further strengthening and widening the data and capabilities available to our clients.

Pharmaspectra’s Solutions

Pharmaspectra Experts™ – This state-of-the-art KOL platform offers the most comprehensive profiles based on the world’s largest data set, and the fastest, smartest and most intuitive user-experience — optimizing your engagement planning, activity preparation and impact.

InsightmemeTM — The world’s largest meetings database – Insightmeme continuously monitors over 22,000 scientific meetings globally and adds over 1.5 million abstracts each year — 400-600% more than other providers.

Share of Scientific VoiceTM — pioneered by Pharmaspectra, SoSV measures the disseminations of your product and strategic topics, across all scientific evidence, compared to your competitors, enabling you to assess and optimize your impact.


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