Insight Generation: Medical Affairs Team Sport

The objectives of this webinar are to present alternate views on a particular issue that is of concern to the Medical Affairs community while also attempting to resolve the issue.

Driving Innovative Scientific Communication Through A Global Hackathon Ideation Event

This webinar program will focus on the theme of innovation and scientific engagement in Medical Communications, providing a detailed example of how a hackathon event is a valuable approach to enhance idea generation for a defined challenge and presents the opportunity to develop innovative “out-of-the box” solutions as a primary outcome of the event.

Do We Need an L&D Approach to Omnichannel, or an Omnichannel Approach to L&D?

In this Webinar we will see how omnichannel approaches also have the potential to transform the way L&D is delivered; to create truly personalised learning experiences with unparalleled outcomes. This session will explore these topics and provide practical tips on key priorities to embed omnichannel successfully in your organisation.

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