Dust Off Your Scientific Communication Platforms: Updating, Implementing, and Operationalizing Them for Success

Speakers: Tricia Gooljarsingh, PhD, CMPP and Jamie Kistler, PhD

The Scientific Communication Platform (SCP) is the foundation of a strong medical communications strategy for a pharmaceutical product or device, and serves as an important tool to align communications and messaging across functional areas. Even minor discrepancies in cited data and/or the way that data are described can lead to confusion and weaken a product’s overall value proposition. The SCP is based on scientific evidence and requires an in-depth analysis and review of available and anticipated data, the disease and competitive landscape, stakeholder perceptions, and aspirations about the product profile. Since the final SCP output ensures accurate and consistent language and referencing through all communication activities, putting a plan in place to ensure successful cross-functional and regional implementation and utilization of this valuable resource is critical.


Learning Objectives

After completing this Webinar, participants will be better able to:

  • Ensure understanding of the basic components and processes involved in the development of a scientific communication platform (SCP)
  • Understand how to develop and/or update an SCP so that the scientific and value narratives are integrated
  • Learn how to train and implement an SCP across functional teams
  • Glean insights into tailoring a global SCP to a regional SCP
  • Understand the challenges of metricizing an SCP and practical solutions for measuring effectiveness


Watch Webinar:

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