The Rise of the KOL & DOL

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) have always played an important role in drug discovery and development, as well as delivery to the market. A valuable resource for clinical and medical insights, KOLs are trusted on the grounds of demonstrable experience and expertise – they’re often specialist medical practitioners or leading researchers in specific fields, such as epidemiology or oncology.

In this new landscape, the importance of Digital Opinion Leader (DOL) has been magnified. Brands must work harder to identify and engage with these individuals – but who are they and how can pharmaceutical companies build a relationship with them?

In this White Paper, we explore:

  • The rise of the Digital opinion Leader
  • Measuring share of voice in a digital age
  • The evolution of tardive dyskinesia research
  • Applying altmetrics: how to measure value and maximise reach
  • The benefits of partnering with Altmetric

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