Patient Centric Real World Data & Evidence Generation

Making the best possible choices about health care requires the best possible evidence upon which to base these important decisions. High quality evidence comes from many sources including real world data (RWD). The sources of RWD are numerous including electronic health records, claims and billing data, product and disease registries and patient-reported data.

Analysis of RWD leads to clinical evidence known as real world evidence (RWE) regarding the usage and risks and benefits of a therapy. Under the right conditions, RWD and the RWE that follows may be used to support regulatory decisions and contribute to the knowledge of a drug or therapy. RWE may help to support improved decision-making about health and health care.

After completing this Webinar, participants will be able to:
•List the sources of real world data (RWD),
•Understand how real world evidence (RWE) can help to support a regulatory decision,
•Recognize when in the product life cycle RWD/RWE may be useful,
•Utilize a patient-centric framework to develop a RWD/RWE generation plan.

Watch Webinar:


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