Avira Digital, headquartered in New Jersey, is a pureplay digital transformation and AI-driven data/analytics solutions and services company specializing in Medical Affairs.

Through our cloud software platforms (Evidence 360 and Medical 360), our global pharmaceutical clients gain significant advantages by digitizing and accessing business-critical analytics for their Integrated Evidence generation strategy and medical planning. This digitization eliminates redundancies, enabling quicker access to progress across strategic objectives & reducing costs.

With roots deeply embedded in Medical Affairs, we drive organizations towards a new level of digital excellence. committed to progress, we serve as guides and catalysts, shaping healthcare through technology and practicality.

Is Your Medical Affairs and Evidence Planning System Ready for the Challenge? Contact us via email at connect@aviradigital.com to learn more about how Medical 360 and Evidence 360 Platform can help your organization.


For more information, visit AviraDigital.com.

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