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Futureproofing the MSL Role as THE Critical Success Factor in KOL Omnichannel Engagement

October 20 @ 10:00 AM 11:00 AM EST


In the KOL Omnichannel Engagement ecosystem, MSLs must be empowered as the center of cross-functional omnichannel engagement. This is particularly important in the Pipeline Education, Pre-Launch, and Newly Launched scenarios, where MSLs play a crucial role in delivering the latest scientific information to KOLs. To ensure that MSLs are set up for success in their expanded role, there must be an aligned view of their scientific leadership value within the cross-functional organization.  Then, it is critical to enable and design relevant people, process, and technology practices to support.  To optimize KOL Omnichannel Engagement, the life science industry must recognize the importance of the multifaceted MSL role.

The Objectives of this webinar are:

  1. Defining the multifaceted, pivotal role of MSL in KOL omnichannel engagement
  2. Clarifying the most critical empowerment needs to achieve modern-day excellence
  3. Unlocking scientific exchange impact with future-proof capabilities


Jessica Wong

VP, Marketing

PhD, MPSI, Strategy Director, Link Medical Insights

Alucio, Inc.


Wendy Kampman

MD, Head, Global Medical Communications



Kelly Lo

Global Field Medical Excellence



Donnie Wooten

PharmD, Global Field Medical Excellence



Bridgette Walker


Business Development

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