Continuing Education Mission Statement

Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS)

MAPS is committed to ensuring that the highest quality educational offerings are developed and presented to MAPS members, potential members, and other key stakeholders.

To set the stage for this, your Board of Directors has approved the following Continuing Education Mission Statement:

In alignment with its overall organization mission, the Medical Affairs Professional Society’s (MAPS) continuing education mission is to provide quality educational offerings to enhance Medical Affairs professionals’ skills ultimately resulting in improved patient outcomes.

MAPS will do this by:

  1. Developing guidelines to identify industry standards;
  2. Highlighting best practices that promote excellence across Medical Affairs functions;
  3. Building capabilities and a platform that supports skills and educational development of Medical Affairs professionals; and,
  4. Creating course offerings of the above items through a variety of forums, including in-person conferences and specialized training, virtual sessions, and self-paced eLearning.

In addition, the Board approved the following policies to ensure that MAPS moves forward in its commitment of the highest quality education offerings by establishing a solid foundation for program development:

  1. Continuing Education Anti-Discrimination Policy
  2. Intellectual Property Policy
  3. Non-Promotion and Conflict of Interest Policy
  4. Qualified Content Developer Policy

Please don’t hesitate to reach back to with any questions.

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