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Neolytica, a QPharma Company is the premier leader in cloud-based commercial and compliance SaaS solutions and has been providing services to our clients for the last 25 years and its flagship technology platform Titanium® is utilized by 120+ Clients in 2022. Our vision is to help Biopharma companies gain an unprecedented level of support in their KOL engagement leading to overall successful product placement.

We have pioneered the unique approach of “How to achieve effective medical communication and optimize field force during drug launch” which helped in successfully launching more than 145 drugs, including one of the first Covid treatment, along with other drugs that were paramount in treating various diseases. We have also launched solutions and platforms which is being used by more than 25,000 pharmaceutical leaders from numerous pharmaceutical companies all over the world. Considering the meteoric rise of the company, it was recently recognized as “Top 100 most promising companies in USA managed by Indians” by Silicon India.

Our proprietary KOL technology and engagement strategy consulting solution, Ti Expert®, affords our clients comprehensive and highly customized access to data on highly qualified and validated key global, local, and national stakeholders, including professional spheres of influence, social relationships, and promotional activities.

Our product portfolio delivers significant strategic and operational value to your Medical Affairs functions in pre-launch as well as post-launch. Our product portfolio includes services like Global KOL Influence Mapping and Engagement Planning, Sentiment Analysis, the most advanced KOL segmentation module, HCP network, and referral analysis.

Our team comprises over 300 medical analysts proficient across all platforms, employing sentiment analysis as a KPI to gauge outcomes in the fields of marketing, and medical affairs. Our tailored approach to KOL mapping, along with numerous distinctive features, distinguishes us from the myriad of syndicated KOL mapping databases available.

Neolytica is the first company that pioneered a new concept of Sentiment analysis to measure the impact of Medical Affairs, going beyond the quantitative share of voice. We are the only Vendor that has not just incorporated the most advanced Business intelligence module but has also corporated an advanced Chat gpt module as part of the platform for user convenience. Due to our customized approach, we were able to identify experts that are very relevant in unique disease states and also conducted patient journey and referral patterns to enhance our analysis.

We stand alone in our ability to identify PNT and DURB members, and we have further distinguished ourselves by connecting the dots to understand which experts/KOLs can effectively engage with field teams and PNT and DURB members. This insight has significantly empowered engagement with decision-makers.

By integrating advanced AI capabilities with the expertise of medical professionals, we have succeeded in offering highly effective next-best-action recommendations. These can be tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients and their business objectives.

With the unique combination of Local as well as National level analysis, we ensure the Medical affairs teams are well supported in their key thought-leader relationship management effort. Headquartered in New Morristown, NJ QPharma has offices in the United States, Europe, and India


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