Qualified Content Developer Policy

Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS)

MAPS Qualified Content Developer Policy

Introduction:   The Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) is committed to ensuring continuing education content offered by MAPS is developed by subject matter experts with a high level of skill, experience and education.

Purpose: The purpose of this Policy is to ensure MAPS’ reputation as the premier professional development organization for Medical Affairs professionals by ensuring that the quality, experience, academic training, and professional credentials of subject matter experts who create and/or present content is at the highest level. 

Policy:  Instructor/Content Developer qualifications are determined/reviewed by the Executive Program Committee and/or Learning & Development Committee. 

Ideally, MAPS continuing education instructor/content developer would have:

  • A bachelor’s degree, or its international equivalent 
  • An advanced academic degree (e.g., Master’s, MD, PharmD, PhD or international equivalent) 
  • At least 6 years of experience in the subject area 

All content developers are required to submit a current resume to MAPS staff prior to being approved for participation. 



 The Learning & Development Committee and Executive Program Committee will:  

  • Through active promotion of this policy, regularly review the leadership and commitment given to ensuring that the subject matter experts who develop and/or present content are of the highest level. 
  • Monitor performance by way of periodic review of staff reports and evaluations.  

 The Learning & Development staff will:  

  • Ensure that the organization’s practices and processes incorporate precautions against infractions of this policy; 
  • Where appropriate, delegate responsibility for compliance to L&D and EPC committee members  with responsibility for particular sections.
  • Oversee the performance of subordinate staff  in these matters. 
  • Review and report to the LDC and EPC, as appropriate, on the effectiveness of the management systems established to ensure compliance with the policy.
  • Analyze material breaches and identified compliance system weaknesses for systematic trends and ensure that any adverse trends are addressed.
  • Promote a culture of effective policy compliance across the organization.

All staff and relevant continuing education volunteer members will:

  • Ensure that they are aware of the organization’s policy; 
  • Review the background/subject matter expertise of recommended content developers/speakers to ensure that the minimum criteria has been met; and,
  • Where appropriate, suggest ways in which practices, systems and procedures could be improved so as to reduce the likelihood of violation of the intellectual property policy occurring.


 The CEO will initially review the organization’s procedures in all areas to ensure that these are in accordance with the principles expressed in this policy, and will report to the Board on this matter.  

 The CEO will review any changes to the organization’s procedures in all areas to ensure that these are in accordance with the principles expressed in this policy.  

 This policy, as well as all other applicable policies, is provided to learners via a link to the policy posted on MAPS website.  

 Educational content developers/planners and instructors are made aware of the policy via a link to the policy posted on MAPS website, a discussion of this and all relevant policies during the kickoff call, and are required to accept compliance with the policy via email confirmation acknowledgement.  

 Any notice of non-compliance with the policy will be immediately reviewed. If a content developer/presenter/learner is deemed to not be in compliance with the policy in regards to misrepresentation of their professional experience, credentials, or academic record, they will be advised of the infraction, and will be immediately removed from the content development/presentation: 

  • If the individual is not a MAPS member, they will be permanently barred from participating in any MAPS content development and/or presentation. In addition, s/he will not be permitted to join MAPS at any point.  
  • If the individual is a MAPS member, s/he will be permanently barred from participating in any MAPS content development and/or presentation. In addition, their MAPS membership will be immediately revoked with no possibility of dues reimbursement or future membership. 


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