MedThink SciCom, a full-service, globally oriented medical communications agency, is transforming scientific exchange by uniting a unique array of disciplines to provide novel insights and innovative ideas. Our PhD medical writers, medical editors, and presentation specialists sit side-by-side to develop scientifically accurate, medically relevant, and graphically engaging educational content. There are many ways to communicate science, but MedThink SciCom has a unique talent for taking biomedical information and transforming it into medically relevant and intriguing communications.

We combine our scientific acumen and deep knowledge of the Medical Affairs function with digital expertise that keeps our teams on the forefront of new technologies being deployed both within and outside our industry. Our digital team includes experts in user experience strategy to guide the development of user personas and journey mapping to ensure the medical information platform can fulfill the needs of your customers. Rooted in a deep understanding of gestalt design principles, usability heuristics, and user testing, the digital strategy team is responsible not only for guiding functionality and usability choices before launch but also for testing hypotheses using live user data to refine and optimize post launch. MedThink SciCom also has a seasoned data analytics team with extensive experience in defining user flows and requirements, validating them with key external stakeholders via methods such as blinded market research (both IDIs and surveys), and collecting data generated from websites to inform optimizations post launch. We find that bringing together teams with experts in a unique array of disciplines, including scientific services, digital strategists, technologists, creative services, and audience insight services, allows us to provide unique perspectives and to develop holistic and forward-looking solutions.


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