Tim Mikhelashvili

Designation: (CEO)

Department: Founder and CEO

Tim Mikhelashvili is the Founder and CEO of Amedea Pharma, Inc. and also a Director, Medical Science Liaison at UroGen Pharma. He is a Doctor of Pharmacy with a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Scientific Publications and Medical Education from Rutgers with 16 years of experience in headquarters and field-based Medical Science Liaison and Trainer roles spanning both large, established companies such as Sanofi and AstraZeneca early in his career, as well as rare disease start-up companies such as Salix, Baxalta, Synergy, and UroGen. Passionate about company culture and performance metrics, he has driven company-wide leadership initiatives. He is certified by MIT Sloan in “Leading Organizational Change”, and is currently focused on transforming the Medical Affairs function to take the lead in helping the pharmaceutical industry grow its reputation and trust from patients and providers. Amedea Pharma, Inc. is his organizational and performance management consulting company inspired by innovative analytic techniques “to transform numbers into stories”, meanings, and future behaviors. He advises artificial intelligence start-ups and professional societies, writes articles, creates and delivers courses and webinars about Field Medical Insights, Metrics, and Virtual Engagement. Finally, Tim is the host of his inspirational @Alloutcoach Podcast and YouTube Channel dedicated to breaking down barriers between people and extending the boundaries of human responsibilities and abilities, where his slogan is “stretch yourself, lift others”, and his personal goal is to create more leaders.  

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