Thank you MAPS Partner Circle members for sharing use cases that bring to life MAPS’ Vision for Generative Artificial Intelligence in Medical Affairs. Browse all use cases via the tiles below.

Our challenge was to pilot generative Artificial Intelligence (gen AI) technology that could summarize existing publications and generate a scientific response document (SRD).

Understanding patients’ disease activity trajectories is critical to evaluating safety, efficacy, and unmet need. Gen AI is adept at ‘rapid summarization’ – which holds great promise for improving the quantity of available outcomes data without sacrificing quality.

A new tool is designed to empower Medical Affairs teams through large generative language models.

Leveraging generative AI for literature reviews can be transformative.

Generative AI models are being increasingly adopted for a variety of tasks in medical writing for stakeholders in pharmaceutical companies, scientific research, health care, and Medical Affairs.

A system that helps researchers quickly understand medical literature, ensures accurate, reliable generation of answers and summaries, provides security for sensitive data, and allows for smooth deployment would be the optimal combination.

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