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Communicating the Value of Medical Affairs


Medical Affairs' role in securing a bright future for pharma is undeniable, yet many before have struggled to bring forth concise and consistent descriptions that communicate the full range of benefits and expertise that Medical Affairs (MA) brings to the table. As a result, the wider understanding of MA’s role is not where it should be. To that end, this white paper explores the role and value of MA, backed up with commentary from industry leaders, as we define clear pillars of MA that communicate its true value. What’s more, we propose a short elevator pitch that MA professionals can use to quickly yet succinctly describe the importance of MA for every successful pharma venture in the future.

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Field Medical Centers of Excellence


‘What does best in class look like?’. This report shares key insights from a MAPS Annual Meeting workshop in March 2019, and provides further context with interviews and case studies from Medical Affairs colleagues who have first-hand experience of setting up and progressing a Field Medical Center of Excellence (CoE). Here we explore different Field Medical CoE models and key considerations for the different approaches taken; discuss the key success factors and also the challenges when setting up a Field Medical CoE; and provide food for thought for companies who may be considering setting up a CoE to learn from companies who are further along the journey.

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