MAPS MasterClasses and Custom Trainings provide expert, efficient, personalized instruction to your individuals, teams and strategic leaders

Immersive, situational-based training programs at the intermediate/advanced level, focused on key competencies that MAPS deems as critical for success in various Medical Affairs functions. 2-day Medical Affairs training programs presented by industry experts in cities around the world.​ Each program is carefully designed to maximize best practice sharing and cross-industry networking, and will include access to a post-meeting online workspace for continued collaboration with the learning cohort for 1 year, at no additional cost.

  • 2-day in person trainings
  • Launch Excellence, Medical Communications, External Education (more coming soon!)
  • Limited to 50-60 participants
  • Curriculum developed by MAPS Focus Area Working Group experts

Work with MAPS experts to equip your organization to meet the demands of a changing industry. From structuring a Medical Affairs department, to developing cutting-edge Field Medical and Insights capabilities, to building the product value narrative and more, MAPS will work with your team to design and deliver training to meet your needs. In addition to training focused on teaching team members best practices for executing the actions of their function, MAPS offers concurrent or independent training for an organization’s Medical Affairs leadership focusing on setting and realizing strategic direction.

  • Custom training developed to meet your organizational needs
  • Small or large company, pharma or MedTech, pre-, peri- or post-market
  • Developed and delivered in collaboration with industry-leading experts
  • Best practice training for teams; strategic training for Medical Affairs leaders

This program allowed me to reflect on “what good looks like” and has allowed us to embark upon a global launch with greater confidence


Become an expert & hone your skills for Pharma, Biotech, Medical & Diagnostic Device launches.

  • Understand the expanding Medical Affairs leadership role in Launch Excellence and how Medical Affairs expertise should be leveraged throughout the process to maximize value
  • Identify core components of a successful launch from the company perspective as well as the perspectives/preferences of external stakeholders
  • Optimize tools, systems and processes to elevate organizational launch capabilities and readiness with clear roles and responsibilities for strategic and implementation objectives
  • Address current real-world launch challenges driven by an accelerated shift to digital and remote working through case studies and live discussion

Explore independent and company-led external education through interactive, expert-led sessions and peer-to-peer exchange.

  • Differentiate between independent and company-led external education and utilize each appropriately within Medical Affairs strategies across a product lifecycle and therapeutic portfolio 
  • Share best practices for execution/delivery of high quality, impactful, innovative and compliant external education programs from educational gaps identification through to outcomes measurement  
  • Implement outcomes measurement approaches to generate learnings that can be applied to enhance future external education, and other Medical Affairs strategic activities 

Through expert instruction and peer engagement, learn to plan and implement a KOL- and patient-centric omnichannel communications strategy.

  • Leverage emerging technologies in channels and platforms to provide personalized, Netflix-like engagement
  • Take advantage of the evolving landscapes of publications and congresses to seamlessly communicate the organization’s scientific narrative 
  • Define best practices for compliant patient engagement through activities including plain language summaries and social media

Custom Trainings

Intro to Medical Affairs

  • Articulate the role Medical Affairs plays in the healthcare industry
  • Gain an understanding for the common functions and key skills in Medical Affairs
  • Describe the Foundational Pillars of Medical Affairs and their purpose

Field Medical

  • Align on the role of Field Medical in the context of Medical Affairs and explore the key skills required to achieve success
  • Understand the process of mapping and profiling KOLs
  • Understand the process of planning for KOL engagements, exploring the key considerations for both new and existing KOL contacts
  • Explore best practices in KOL engagement, including the application of best practices to on-site and virtual settings

Medical Strategy

  • Developing and writing medical strategy plans
  • How to partner with commercial / enterprise leads on goals for the product
  • How to work with clinical development
  • How to bring this together to develop the Medical Affairs plan
  • Using SWOTs and evidence gaps to build your objectives

MasterClass was a great way to meet and connect with Medical Affairs industry experts face to face to discuss the expanding role we have in launch excellence and optimizing digital strategies/use in a post-COVID hybrid world.

Upcoming MasterClasses

Become an expert & hone your skills for Pharma, Biotech, Medical & Diagnostic Device launches.

Explore independent and company-led external education through interactive expert-led sessions and peer-to-peer exchange.

Elevate and expand your knowledge on Integrated Medical Communications Strategy and Plans with leading industry professionals and experts.

Check back soon for more MasterClass Trainings being developed by the MAPS Focus Area Working Groups!

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