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The MAPS eCademy is an online platform consisting of live and on-demand Webinars, podcasts, and virtual community discussion forums. All on-demand Webinars and podcasts are made available in the MAPS Community immediately after the original air date, providing a venue for MAPS members to both continue the dialogue on the topics and challenges that affect them in their day-to-day functions.

These guidelines have been developed, and further revised, based on feedback from MAPS members, leadership and Webinar participants. MAPS reviews these guidelines on a routine basis to ensure the quality and content of the Webinars meet the needs and standards of the Community.

By agreeing to participate in a MAPS eCademy Webinar or podcast, all facilitators agree to adhere to the guidelines set forth below

Proposal Review & Planning Timeline for Accepted Proposals:

Proposals will be peer-reviewed by the relevant MAPS Focus Area Working Group(s) within 15 business days of your submission.

The average planning timeline for Webinars, accounting for 10 business days of content review by the Focus Area Working Groups, is 30 business days. Please account for this when indicating your desired Webinar/Podcast air dates.

Webinar Format

Webinars are usually 60 minutes in duration at a time scheduled by MAPS. They are delivered via PowerPoint presentation via our online Webinar platform provider, ON24. Webinars consist of the following general time-allotment:

  • 3-5 minutes: opening by Webinar host and introduction of topic and Webinar presenters
  • 30-40 minutes: presentation and/or polling questions by Webinar presenters
  • 15-20 minutes: Q&A facilitated by Webinar presenters
  • 1-2 minutes: Closing remarks

Subject Matter Content

The MAPS eCademy aims to provide a unique, interactive learning experience for all attendees, one that will allow attendees to take home practical learnings and solutions to key challenges that can be applied to their day-to-day functions. Each Webinar or Podcast is designed to address a key issue of concern to Medical Affairs professionals. The Webinar should present the topic up front in a few key slides, with the balance of the Webinar engaging participants (e.g. by polling and/or chat questions, etc.) in working through the problem or challenge and recommending solutions. As much as possible, utilize case-based scenarios to demonstrate challenges and solutions. The aim is to avoid a purely didactic presentation, as Webinar evaluations consistently reinforce that the ability to ask questions of the presenters is one of the most valuable parts of the Webinar.

Presenter Requirements

As an organization standing behind our motto of FOR Medical Affairs, BY Medical Affairs, all Webinars and Podcasts are required to have a minimum 1:1 ratio of industry presenters (currently employed by a pharmaceutical, medical device, or biotech company) to solution provider (agency) presenters

  • Industry presenters should be at the Director level or above in their company, with at least 10 years’ industry experience and/or expertise in the topic on which they are presenting
  • Solution provider facilitators should serve senior roles in their company, and ideally have previous direct experience working in a life science company

These requirements are set forth to meet the demands of Medical Affairs professionals who have demonstrated in prior learning & development evaluations that they prefer to obtain knowledge and best practice sharing from senior Medical Affairs leaders with direct or demonstrating understanding of the internal workings of a Medical Affairs organization.

Proposal Submission Process

All submissions should be made via the below form. For pre-proposal submission inquiries, please contact eCademy@medicalaffairs.org. We solicit proposals for Webinars/Podcast Series in all current MAPS Focus areas, including:

  • Medical Strategy/Value of MA
  • Med Com (Scientific Com Platform/Pubs/Congress Planning)
  • Medical Information
  • Capabilities/Career
  • Compliance
  • External Education
  • MSL/Field Based Medical
  • Patient Centricity
  • Evidence Generation: Payers/HTA
  • Evidence Generation: HCPs
  • Medical Device & Diagnostics
  • Digitalization
  • Insights (e.g. from Advisory Boards, MSL interactions, etc.)

Proposal Selection

Proposals will be peer-reviewed by the relevant MAPS Focus Area Working Group(s) within 15 business days of your submission. Acceptance/Rejection notifications will be emailed only to the corresponding organizer as indicated in your proposal submission. For questions in the meantime, please contact



Webinars are a convenient format for presenting and gaining feedback on key challenges that affect Medical Affairs professionals. Webinars are recorded in advance of the live air date to ensure optimum quality of the audio, but will feature a live Q&A period with attendees on the original air date. Webinars are available to all active members of MAPS on the original air date as well as on-demand immediately after the air date. Select Webinars, particular those addressing key MAPS initiatives, such as Standards & Guidance document launches, may be made available to non-members as well. All Webinars are available on-demand following the original air date, available to MAPS members via the MAPS Community portal.

Presentation Files

The MAPS eCademy Webinar platform only accepts PowerPoint files:

  • Slides should be developed in widescreen (16:9) format and should only contain one (1) slide master template
  • The Webinar platform does not accept transitions between slides, so please delete/avoid using those
  • It is best to avoid animations as well due to typical delays of 5+ seconds between when the presenter advances the slides and when the audience sees it – this is dependent on the Internet connectivity of the end-users
  • Webinar slides should be developed using the MAPS eCademy PowerPoint template, to be provided by MAPS.

Elevate Podcast Series

All the guidelines noted above for Webinars also apply to Podcasts, with a few exceptions based on the different format that Podcasts follow. Unlike Webinars, Podcasts do not rely on the use of slides to guide the discussion. These are audio-only recordings made available on-demand for members to easily access and absorb content. There is also no live Q&A with a Podcast Series.

Podcasts typically have a moderator and 2 to 3 expert panelists. They are typically structured as follows to allow for distribution of the Podcast as a whole, but also to enable distribution of individual segments of the Podcast that can stand alone from the other segments, enabling listeners to absorb smaller amounts of content at a time, if desired:

  • 10-15 minutes: opening by Podcast Series moderator, introduction of panelists, and topic set-up
  • 10-15 minutes: Series Topic 1
  • 10-15 minutes: Series Topic 2
  • 10-15 minutes: Series Topic 3
  • 5-minutes: Closing and Call to Action by Moderator (e.g. “for more information”, “continue the discussion online in the Community portal”, etc.)

For an example Podcast Series, click here

Branding, Sponsorship and Fees

MAPS does not provide “sponsored” Webinars and does not accept sponsorship fees for eCademy Webinars or Podcasts. The provision of the technology and platforms to produce the Webinars, as well as the promotional budget to raise awareness of the Webinars and Podcasts, are made possible by MAPS membership dues. Thus, MAPS has a strict policy on corporate branding, and Webinars/Podcasts should NOT be deemed promotional in nature:

  • Discussing company products is not allowed, unless fair and balanced presentation of competing products/services is also included
  • Logos of presenters’ companies are permitted only on the secondary title slide in conjunction with the presenters’ names, title and company

MAPS does not pay speaker honoraria/fees for participation in Webinars or Podcasts

Branding, Sponsorship and Fees

  • Podcast/Webinar title
  • Abstract (less than 200 words)
  • Name, affiliation, title and e-mail address for each participating speaker
  • Identification of the primary contact person(s)
  • Background and Motivation: What is the overall topic of the Webinar/Podcast? Why is this topic of particular interest at this time? If the Webinar/Podcast has been organized in the past MAPS or other associations, please give details of previous instances (e.g. venue, URL) and describe why it should be held again and how it will extend and build upon previous ones.
  • Objectives: What are the objectives that the Webinar/Podcast aims to achieve? Objectives may include but are not limited to (a) targeting a predefined set of focus questions, (b) presenting alternate views on a particular issue that is of concern to the Medical Affairs community and attempting to resolve the issue, (c) identifying priorities for new areas of industry standards and guidance, and/or (d) initiating the appropriate collaborations and building community around a theme of interest. If you have a plan to produce a white paper or other resource as a result of your Webinar/Podcast, please indicate these plans.
  • Format: Give a description of the proposed Webinar/Podcast format (e.g. time allotted per topic, and Q&A, if applicable).
  • Presenters: Give short descriptions of each of the presenters’ background and interests related to the specific topic.
Please Fil the Form below

Full Name of Corresponding Organiser. List the individual MAPS should correspond with regarding notification of the proposal decision, and regarding logistics of the Webinar/podcast should the proposal be accepted. MAPS will only correspond directly with the corresponding organiser regarding this proposal.