Amedea Pharma is a performance analytics and organizational change consulting agency in life sciences. Its unique “DeepMetrics” platform is based on a philosophy that combines SPORTSMANSHIP with the SCIENTIFIC METHOD.

Our agency combines performance and behaviors into a “Medical Productivity Index (MPI)” in which we

  • Quantify + Gamify MA Activities + Outcomes Transparently
  • Distribute Accountability for Internal & External Metrics Evenly
  • Reward Performance + Behavior Equally at 50% each in every MA function

We integrate data science principles with the latest, modern organizational research and business case studies from other industries to transform performance management into a more dynamic and transparent, simpler, and faster cycle. Amedea Pharma has created an extensive, interactive 29-page Metrics Workbook that includes an internal 10-question Metrics Score evaluation companies can use to improve methods to show and grow their teams’ value.

Our approach enables life science companies that have been primarily describing their activities using pictures that leave too much for interpretation to communicate their valuable contributions using words and numbers that people can immediately touch and translate into increased quality, continuity, speed, and access to care or clinical trials.

Appropriate internal analysis drives stronger external performance which ultimately leads to our mission to accelerate the delivery of healthcare continuity, quality, and innovation. However, in order to make this goal a reality in a highly competitive, data-driven and volatile healthcare ecosystem, we must learn how to design the types of metrics and contests that matter most today. Thus, we hosted the first-ever Medical Affairs Innovation Olympics in the pharma and biotech industry in 2022 with new idea submissions from competitors across top global companies such as Takeda, Astellas, and Roche among others, evaluated by 19 all-star expert judges from 12 different companies all of whom participated in the month-long virtual event that culminated in a series of live debates to determine the winners, lead to two health startup partnerships that were publicly disclosed, and enhanced cutting edge ideas to improve healthcare outcomes.

Our wide range of services are all focused on the following three areas that may be customized to any function across life sciences.

  • Updating the culture of communication
  • Designing metrics that inspire future behaviors rather than report past activities alone
  • Create learning and development (L&D) communities

Therefore, our agency’s unique strategy combines performance metrics analytics with organizational culture consulting to not only measure but to inspire stronger performance and engagement, two areas in our industry in highest demand today. By targeting both performance and culture using data science basics when you hire us, you will ultimately be able to design MA strategy that is more predictable, forecasts that are more accurate, and operations that are more efficient, with higher quality effort, engagement, retention  from your teams.


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