Mary Alice Dwyer

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Mary Alice Dwyer (MAPS Director; CHAIR, Executive Program Committee)

Mary Alice Dwyer, PharmD, was most recently Vice President of Global Medical Excellence (GME) in Global Medical Affairs (GMA). She led the GME organization which included Global Publications, Global MSL Excellence, Global Nominated Signatory, the Medical Academy, Medical Resources, and Patient Centricity (PaCe). In this role, she led the partnership between GME and Medical in the regions and countries to build and sustain medical capabilities, skills and knowledge. The Patient Centricity function under Mary Alice’s leadership was instrumental to AZ’s patient-driven science and achieving confident use of medicines in clinical practice.

Mary Alice first joined AstraZeneca in 2004 as the Executive Director of Scientific Affairs and was subsequently promoted to Vice President of Medical Affairs in the US. She has also led scientific and medical teams at Takeda, Pharmacia, and Searle. She previously worked in clinical drug development at Hoffmann-LaRoche and Glaxo.