MAPS and phactMI announce collaboration on Medical Information Working Group

MAPS and phactMI announce collaboration on Medical Information Working Group

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The Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) is pleased to announce the formation of a new Focus Area Working Group (FAWG) for Medical Information. MAPS will be launching the Medical Information FAWG in partnership with phactMI, a collaboration of pharmaceutical manufacturers whose goal is to bring Medical Information transparency to the healthcare community. Co-leads of the Medical Information FAWG will be MAPS member Lynda Finis, PharmD, and Patrick Reilly, CEO of phactMI. The MAPS Med Info FAWG will have a remit leveraging the expertise and experience of the global medical information community to provide resources and thought leadership for Medical Affairs professionals working with Medical Information, worldwide.
mary alice dwyer

Mary Alice Dwyer, PharmD

“This is a tremendous opportunity to partner with phactMI and leverage the input and expertise of both MAPS and phactMI to deliver programs and content for Medical Affairs professionals,” says Mary Alice Dwyer, PharmD, Chair of the MAPS Executive Program Committee (EPC), which coordinates the strategic direction of the FAWGs and is accountable for the delivery of the professional development content generated by the FAWGs.
phactMITM (pharma collaboration for transparent Medical Information) is a non-profit collaboration of Med Info leadership from 30+ pharmaceutical companies dedicated to improving the lives of patients through safe and effective use of medicine. Since its inception, phactMI has sought to create greater awareness, credibility, and access to pharmaceutical medical information.
Patrick Reilly

Patrick Reilly, CEO of phactMI

The MAPS organization conceptualizes Medical Affairs in 11 Focus Areas, defined as the priority capability areas that are strategically important for the successful implementation and maintenance of a high impact Medical Affairs organization. Each Focus Area is managed and supported by a dedicated Focus Area Working Group (FAWG) that consists of MAPS member volunteers with expertise in that area. The FAWG members are responsible for strategy development, gap identification, content creation and program implementation for their Focus Area. The FAWGs deliver educational content in a variety of formats including podcasts, white papers, webinars, standards & guidance, e-learning modules and articles for the MAPS magazine, Elevate. ­
The MAPS FAWG framework will allow seamless collaborations between the newly created MAPS Med Info FAWG and several other Focus Area Working Groups including Digital Strategy, Compliance, Field Medical, Insights, Patient Centricity and Medical Communications. Partnership between MAPS and phactMI will compliment both organizations’ ability to develop tools, strategies and guidance to optimize the value of medical information within the biopharmaceutical industry.
“phactMI is excited to collaborate with MAPS in this new Working Group to define and expand the value of Medical Information as a strategic Medical Affairs partner and an exceptional resource of timely and trustworthy information for providers and patients,” says phactMI CEO, Patrick Reilly, Co-Lead of the MAPS Med Info FAWG.
“Medical Information is essential to modern pharmaceutical development and patient care, especially as we move into an era of increased transparency and personalized, evidence-driven medicine. We see this partnership as a way to leverage expertise from our two organizations to optimize the value we offer to our MAPS members and to Medical Affairs professionals and teams within biopharma and med tech organizations,” says Travis Hege, MAPS CEO.
About the Medical Affairs Professional Society
MAPS is a non-profit global society of Medical Affairs professionals with over 2,000 members from over 170 life sciences companies, as well as those who provide valuable support to Medical Affairs organizations. Its mission is to advance the Medical Affairs profession and increase its impact across the life sciences industry by:
  1. Promoting excellence across Medical Affairs functions
  2. Developing guidelines to support industry standards and best practices
  3. Fostering advocacy for the Medical Affairs position
  4. Providing education and encouraging professional collaborations that support the practice of Medical Affairs
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About pharma collaboration for transparent Medical Information
phactMI is a not-for-profit 501(c)(6) organization. phactMI is funded by phactMI member companies and all activities of phactMI are reviewed and agreed-upon by the member companies, in accordance with the organization by-laws. phactMI is a collaboration of pharmaceutical company Medical Information (MI) leaders from over 30 pharmaceutical/biotech companies that are dedicated to supporting healthcare professionals in their commitment to provide quality patient care.
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