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Evolution of Roles and Talent Management in Medical Affairs Part 1: What talent do we need from MA colleagues?

September 22 @ 3:00 PM 4:00 PM HKT

With the MA field continuing to experience growth and change, understanding and managing constantly evolving roles and talent is a key success factor for MA managers worldwide. But a limited pool of qualified candidates and lengthy on-boarding process has led to a challenging, hyper-competitive market for recruiting and retaining talent.

In part one of this four part series, we will focus on “What Talent Do We Need from MA Colleagues?”

  1. How have the roles/qualifications evolved?
  2. What did a typical candidate in MA look like 20 years ago vs. today?
  3. How do we manage that to build highly effective teams?

This Webinar series explores how roles and talent management have evolved, what new roles exist or are needed and what skills and competencies are required to succeed in these roles. From the manager’s perspective, we will discuss potential strategies for staying on top of this ever-changing field to manage and retain highly effective teams.

These presentations will feature real world insights from medical leaders, HR executives and recruiters.

By the end of this series, we hope you will gain:

  1. Practical and actionable insights on how to define, recruit and manage roles in MA more effectively
  2. An understanding of traditional MA roles vs. what next generation roles to expect
  3. As an aspiring new talent in MA, an understanding about what MA processes are like in companies and how you could stand out during the recruitment process


Cezary Statuch

Head Medical Affairs International and Japan Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Hahn-Ey Lee


Hahn-Ey Lee

Country Medical Head, Pfizer Japan


Matthew Britland

Country Medical Head, Amgen

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