Thinking Forward: The Long-Term Impact of 2020 on the World of Medical Affairs

Thinking Forward: The Long-Term Impact of 2020 on the World of Medical Affairs

July 16, 2020


The year 2020 is one that will be looked back on as a watershed moment, not just because of the disruptive force of COVID-19, but because of the wider sea-change in opinions and actions taken by individuals and communities to bring about positive, long-lasting global transformations. It is clear that things will not, and should not, go back to the way they were and there has been much talk of ‘the new normal’, but what does this really mean?


Medical Affairs teams have shown the ability to rapidly adapt to the changes in needs of the healthcare community during the pandemic, ensuring that healthcare professionals have remained up-to-date with the latest evidence, and felt supported through this time, without being overburden by unnecessary communications. As we consider the wider changes seen across our communities, we explore how Medical Affairs needs to continue to evolve in how it thinks, acts and engages to drive further improvements in healthcare outcomes, as well as to ensure that our teams are equipped and empowered to adapt and excel in our new reality. Case examples and analogs will be provided to offer additional perspectives regarding the transitions of teams to new ways of working.



Objectives: May include but are not limited to:

(a) targeting a predefined set of focus questions

(b) presenting alternate views on a particular issue that is of concern to the Medical Affairs community and attempting to resolve the issue

(c) identifying priorities for new areas of industry standards and guidance

(d) initiating the appropriate collaborations and building community around a theme of interest.




Phil Wakefield, PhD (Moderator)
Global Medical Strategy & Value Lead
MEDiSTRAVA Consulting UK


Rachel Hatfield, PhD
Managing Partner
MEDiSTRAVA Consulting UK


Matt Lewis, MPA
Global Chief Data and Analytics Officer






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