Accelerating Insights to Impact: Best Practices for Medical Insights

Accelerating Insights to Impact: Best Practices for Medical Insights

October 31, 2019

Overview: Identifying trends and determining the “so what” from medical insights is one of the best ways for Medical Affairs to demonstrate value. However, many organizations struggle to efficiently collect, analyze, and act on insights. Our objective is to collaborate in the development of new areas of industry standards and guidance for medical insights processes. While insights are a priority for Medical Affairs leadership, there currently exists little guidance in the way of industry standards. In this webinar, we hope to advance a set of standards that Medical Affairs leaders can use as a starting point to customize and develop cutting-edge medical insights processes for their own organizations.

Objectives: In the webinar, we will share some common challenges with insights and propose easy-to-use, technology-enabled solutions. These challenges and solutions include:

  1. How to ensure all insights are collected (to avoid missing critical insights)
  2. Processing large volumes of insights
  3. Minimizing human bias in insights capture and analysis
  4. Determining actionable next steps
  5. Creating effective reports for all stakeholders.


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