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Elevate – Author & Submission Guidelines

Elevate’s purpose is exactly as the name suggests – to elevate the Medical Affairs professional, guiding and inspiring, challenging and promoting excellence, and provoking the necessary expansion of organizational capabilities to build upon the value of Medical in unprecedented ways. Published bimonthly by the Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Elevate focuses on sharing insights and best practices from organizations across the globe who are dedicated to becoming a best-in-class Medical Affairs organization, so that MA professionals can learn from each other and improve or expand their own organizational capabilities. Through executive leader profiles, inspirational journeys, and case-based best practice sharing, Elevate will better enable the MA Community to raise the standards for Medical Affairs, together.

Manuscripts should be submitted to in Word document format following the format suggested below. Standard review time is 3-6 weeks.

Manuscript submissions should be organized in the following order:

Title Page.

This should contain the complete title of the manuscript, the names, titles, and affiliations of all authors, the organization at which the work was performed, the name, address, telephone number, and email address for the corresponding author, and a short form of the title, not more than 40 characters, to be used as a running head.


No more than 150 words. This should be a condensation of the entire work, including a statement of its purpose, a clear description of any metrics, and a concise presentation of the conclusions.

Key Words.

Supply a list of three to six key words (not in the title) that will adequately index the subject matter of the article.


No more than 1,500 words. Your manuscript should be single-spaced and formatted in 12 point Calibri font. It must be written in a manner that will permit the reader to understand easily what was done, the reason for it, and the conclusions drawn from the work. Use subheadings and paragraph titles whenever possible. Define unusual abbreviations initially.

Legends & Illustrations.

If illustrations are used, a descriptive legend must accompany each illustration so that it can be understood apart from the text, and must define all abbreviations used therein. Illustrations may be embedded in the text..


Use of photos is permitted and encouraged. If submitted images include photos of organizational team members, leaders, or facilities, please include a statement that appropriate permissions were obtain from image subjects to include in this publication. High quality photos should be submitted as separate .jpeg files, and filename of image should be placed in the appropriate location in the text.

Best-in-Class Features

Best-in-Class features are original publications examining best-in-class practices from Medical Affairs organizations. Submitted features should describe a specific case example(s) that demonstrate the organization’s efforts to become, or sustain itself as, a best-in-class Medical Affairs organization.

Concise Reviews

The purpose of a “Concise Review” is to provide Medical Affairs professionals with a clear and up-to-date concept of a subject of current interest. It should be very informative, thoroughly referenced, and easily readable. Subject matter should fall within one of the following areas:

  • Medical Strategy/Launch Excellence
  • Med Com (Scientific Com Platform/Pubs/Congress Planning)
  • Medical Information
  • Capabilities
  • Compliance
  • External Education
  • MSL/Field Based Medical
  • Patient Centricity
  • Evidence Generation
  • Medical & Diagnostic Devices (MedTech)
  • Digital Strategy
  • Insights (e.g. from Advisory Boards, MSL interactions, etc.)

The text should not exceed 1,500 words. For information regarding the typing instructions and style, please refer to the instructions above.

Benchmarking Reports

Benchmarking reports may be published in Elevate provided they have not been previously published elsewhere. Proposals for benchmarking reports should include the need and purpose of the study and the intended demographics of the survey respondents. Priority will be given to proposals that demonstrate the potential ability to inform on/and improve a specific competency for Medical Affairs organizations. Accepted proposals will have access to survey the MAPS Community and ability to distribute the survey to over 25,000 Medical Affairs professionals globally – MAPS will distribute all surveys. Proposals may be emailed to


All Manuscripts submitted to Elevate must be submitted solely to this publication, may not have been published in any part or form in another publication of any type, professional or lay, and become the property of the publisher (MAPS).

Priority for Digital-Enhanced Proposals

Elevate strives to provide an enhanced digital experience for the MA Community. As such, any of the above accepted publication types may also be distributed in, or supplemented with, a non-traditional publication format, including video interviews or video-recorded expert panels, interactive graphics, or podcast (audio-only) formats. If submitting your proposal as Digital-enhanced, please describe your intended format and the anticipated duration of the final product. A transcript may also be produced of any video/podcast formats.


Elevate is now published directly on the MAPS Website, and content is published immediately after approval of the final draft layout. There are no longer bi-monthly themed "editions", in an effort to provide content to members and the Community on a more regular basis.

Open Access to Content

There is no subscription fee nor subscription requirement to access Elevate. All Medical Affairs professionals and the public have open access to Elevate content 24/7 once published. Membership is not required. For those interested in supporting Elevate via advertising or sponsored content, please visit our media kit at

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