Artificial Intelligence Foundations for
Medical Affairs


Through this course you will recognize terms such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), deep learning, and neural networks; comprehend process automation and natural language technologies; formulate a digital strategy for your Medical Affairs team that is in alignment with the current AI developments; and leverage AI to arrive at best decisions and insights needed for success. Our course will introduce you to the essential concepts of AI. You will be able to better understand the subsets of AI such as ML and deep learning, recognize the types of ML and robotic process automation, and describe the various natural language technologies. With our course, we ensure you take away artifacts that support real-world AI applications in medical affairs. Our succinct content also introduces you to the common AI terminologies and data science fundamentals. Furthermore, it will touch upon the future of AI, its implications on employment, and more.


At the end of this on-demand course, you will have the opportunity to take an exam to test your competencies on this topic.

Learners who score 80% or above will receive a certificate of completion which you may download as a PDF.
Title Duration
Pre-assessment Quiz 10 questions
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Digital Strategy 15 minutes
Process Automation 10 minutes
Machine Learning: High-level Overview, Approaches, and Applications 10 minutes
Machine Vision and Natural Language Technologies: High-level Overview and Applications 15 minutes
The Future of Artificial Intelligence 5 minutes
Certification Exam 10 questions

Who should Take This Course

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You do not need any kind of programming, technical, or mathematical skills to take this course.

Our course is tailored to introduce the concepts of AI to everyone, be it a newbie to AI or a tenured pharma professional.



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Module developers

MAPS is appreciative of the support and assistance it has received in Indegene’s creation of these modules. In addition, the following MAPS members have been instrumental in creating the course content.

Mary Alice Dwyer, PharmD

Mary Alice is Principal/Consultant for Medical Innovation and Insights providing strategic solutions to Medical Affairs teams in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Mary Alice is an experienced enterprise-wide and global Medical Affairs leader with expertise in creating transformational change initiatives, building and leading effective teams, and implementing patient-centric practices. Most recently she was Vice President, Global Medical Excellence (GME), an organization that she developed and led, whose remit was to elevate Medical Affairs deliverables via global, regional, and local medical partnerships while ensuring strong governance processes.

Shaji Kalathil

Shaji is currently the Executive Director, Head of IT for Global Medical Affairs and Hematology & Cell Therapy Medical Affairs at Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS), having global responsibilities for all digital capabilities and services across Medical Affairs. Prior to joining BMS, Shaji worked at Novartis Pharmaceuticals for 13 years in various IT leadership roles. His last role with Novartis was as the Executive Director, Head of IT Strategy, Innovation & Enabling Technologies where he was responsible for leading digital innovation programs in Medical Affairs and Commercial.

Sameer Lal, MBA

Sameer heads a business unit at Indegene focusing on services to Medical Affairs organizations in life sciences companies. Sameer has over twenty-two years of experience both in the pharmaceutical industry as well as on the services side. Prior to joining Indegene, Sameer has served a variety of leadership roles in companies, including GlaxoSmithKline and Sudler & Hennessey. His expertise lies in building long-term strategic client relationships; developing programs to address specific business problems; and effectively executing against set objectives.

Zig Lang, MD, PhD

Dr. Lang is the Senior Vice President and Head of Medical Affairs and Pharmacovigilance at Bayer Healthcare China. Prior to coming to Bayer China, Zig worked in Bayer’s Global Medical Affairs Oncology in the United States. Zig has 20 years of pharmaceutical industry experiences ranging from early and late stage clinical development to country and global medical affairs. Zig is a US board-certified pediatric oncologist and hematologist. He received his medical education at the Fourth Military Medical University in Xi’an and PhD in Biochemistry at Rush University in Chicago.

Bill Strickland

Bill has over twenty-two years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry with most of it in Medical Affairs. He has experience as an MSL and in leading MSL teams across three different companies. Recently the Global Head of Medical Resources for AstraZeneca, Bill was responsible for all Global Medical platforms, including Veeva CRM, MSL excellence, and Content Creation for the field medical teams. Currently, he is the Head of the US MSL Team for Allergan.

Rahela Penovski, PharmD

Rahela is founder and executive director of COGNEDT. She has over 25 years of international expertise and experience in innovation programmes for the pharmaceutical/biotech industry and healthcare. Her passion for digital transformation, business intelligence and strategy are fully reflected in her work on the pharmacoepidemiology and HEOR digital platforms. During her career, Rahela has gained extensive experience in global and regional medical affairs, medical information and communication, clinical development and operations, governance as well as business growth.

Georgios Tramountanis, PhD

Georgios is the Head, Global Oncology Medical Information and Review at Takeda Oncology. He is a medical Information and communication expert with more than 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Georgios has wide experience in therapeutic area knowledge, international medical information standards and practices. He has successfully launched new global medical information systems in multiple companies and led the launch of numerous blockbuster drugs from medical information scope.



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